Some thoughts on our current homeschool curriculum

And when I say curriculum, that would be ABCs with Ace and Christi. My son graduated last March from his Preschool with Ace and Christi with honors and we just got done with our first month on this current curriculum. This particular curriculum is designed to be preparatory for the child to shift to Level 1/Grade 1.

I have loved our previous curriculum and I never thought our current program could surpass my “like” for the previous. I am all the more convinced that whoever designed the progression of these programs knew what he or she was doing. It is parent/teacher friendly that I am now able to work in between classes. For someone who is working from home without an assistant in the house, this is one thing I cannot emphasize enough how much I appreciate.

As my 5 year old son already knows how to read quite well. He goes through his paces, goes through the instructions and does his self tests, all by himself. During exams in between lessons, I get to do my virtual assistant job and also compose random web articles like colon cleansing and even beauty reviews that I post in my beauty blog. I am kind of excited to know how the Level 1 program will be like. I have been reading feedbacks from the homeschooling group I belong to that SOT’s curriculum on Math isn’t that strong. I have yet to see that. My husband is great with numbers and a Mensa member at that. I figured he can well assess if the upcoming programs will be lacking in content. But so far, we’re good with School of Tomorrow and we love homeschooling!

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