Looking for verses in the Bible (video clip)

Below is a video of our son looking for some verses from the Bible. This is one of the new things that he has been fond of doing for the last couple of weeks during our family devotion.

He would first look from the table of contents of the Bible and find out what page the particular book is and when he gets there he’d go to the chapter and the verse. At one point in the video, he had to go grab his PACE and check for the particular verse that he was looking for.

It is sweet that we are able to journal our homeschooling journey like this. Makes the “diary writing” back in my grade and high school days on my blackhead removal struggle and crushes in my adolescent stage so “stone age.” Blogs document not just words, but videos and podcasts as well. Gotta love technology! I can only wonder how much more techier it is going to be when my son is all grown up. 🙂

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