Homeschooling while Traveling

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We are currently on a homeschool break and we are looking forward to traveling with our family next month. Our homeschooler will soon jumpstart to Level 5 when we come back from our vacation. But truth be told, one of the many advantages of homeschooling is being able to bring the homeschool lessons just about anywhere. Doing school while on vacation is something that is entirely feasible any time of the year.

That said, our family vacation next month will not include homeschooling on the side. We will be spending two birthdays in the family as we recommit to being one in heart and mind as we work towards glorifying God in our lives. We have been in a major turmoil lately and the plan is to press on. The getaway will be a needed break for all of us.

Our homeschooler, being all too much of a wide-reader have got things in his mind that he wants to fly to for our family vacation someday. That includes South America, Canada, MGM Grand and Brazil. From each of the places mentioned, he has things in mind, some kind of itinerary he has formulated, as he lists down things that we will check out. Surely, this boy loves to explore!

As we look forward to going right down to our Level 5 curriculum, we will also look into the requirements of getting our homeschooler take exams at Science High Schools. The father is leaning towards his alma mater, Quezon City Science. But we are also considering having him take exams in other Science schools. Meanwhile, allow us to get right back to our homeschooling and blogging hiatus. ๐Ÿ™‚

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