Wrapping up this week’s animal story, Kikki Kangaroo and Concepts Learned

Concepts learned this week: the value of being observant, prudent, keeping a “good” secret, growing up, triangles. This video zeroes in on the importance of being obedient and following rules. This is something any parent will be glad incorporated in a school curriculum.

Here are the things that this week’s lesson focused on:

1. Never go anywhere or do anything with anyone — unless your parents have given you permission.

2. Don’t just do what everyone else is doing; always do nly what your parents say to do, no matter what nanyone else does.

3. always tell your parents right awayif anyone wants you to keep a secret and not tell your parents– that will be a signal to you that they are about to ask you to do something wrong.  

4. If anyone ever asks you to do something wrong, say “NO!” and run quickly to tell your parents.  

My son was able to get a grasp of the rules from the first day this was tackled. It helps as well, that we incorporate the lesson in our regular conversations throughout the day.

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