We’re growing wheatgrass – and drinking it too…

My son and I started with our Wheatgrass Project a month ago. We intended to blog about it. But swamped with work I am, which explains why I am backlogged to my neck when it comes to blog articles I have lined up. Even as this Wheatgrass Project is not exactly a part of the curriculum, I have incorporated it in the things he could learn about – even off class. He is amazed at how the wheatberries (seeds) sprout out roots and later grow real grass out of those tiny bits.

I’m not sure if it helped that we are a team in growing our wheatgrass that made him love its taste too. I’m going to make a more detailed post, complete with pictures, about it. It tastes kind of sweet. Although the “grassy” taste cannot be denied. The husband cringed when he first drank his first shot. 😛

Watch out for that “Wheatgrass post.”  The plan is to type down some proven health benefits. I have read that it can also take care of joint pains which I’ve had since I was teener. It’s in the genes. Apparently, an aunt also had the same chronic problem as early as a teener. My usual remedy for my joint issues (whenever I eat anything with legumes) is lemongrass juice. But the El Nino phenomenon totally killed our lemongrass plant. Wheatgrass is more of a challenge to care for than lemongrass. But I’m not complaining. It’s totally hitting several birds with one stone even as I use it as an object lesson during our homeschool class. 🙂

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