We need to buy a trampoline soon

One of the few things that we have not bought yet for our home school activities is a trampoline. I think we need to buy one soon. I have delayed getting one because of the limited space that we have here at home.

We do make up for it by doing physical activities to replace the rebounding time via the trampoline. I could say that I even get some exercise that I need during our physical activities time.  I’m just happy enough that I do not need rheumatoid arthritis relief. I have had arthritis since I was 19 but now that I have found natural relief via my lemongrass concoction, eating legumes do not bother me anymore.  I might not be as robust as my boys (the hubby and dear son) but I can still very well join the little guy during play time. I’m leaving the rough housing to the hubby though. 🙂

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