The blessing of being my son’s Teacher (a licensed one at that)

My son’s “official” graduation from ABC’s with Ace and Christi is slated on April 5, 2011. My folks and I are going to witness him go up the stage again with his fellow homeschoolers. For those who are not familiar with homeschooling here in the Philippines, I mentioned “official” in the first part of this entry because, technically, my son is already in Level 1/ Grade 1 of The School of Tomorrow‘s system (ACE- Accelerated Christian Education). Since we are homeschoolers, graduation is only done on a yearly basis. So we have to wait for that schedule to be able to “officially” graduate.

While I cannot emphasize enough how our family loves the benefits we get from homeschooling (especially so that it so fits our son’s personality – again, we have mentioned time and again that homeschooling is not for everyone), I am told by well meaning people that I am altogether wasting my license in teaching by not using it professionally. Because you really don’t need a professional license to homeschool your child.

When I decided to take teaching degrees four years back, I was not exactly thinking of stashing it away. In fact, my hope was to look for greener pastures in the land of milk and honey like some friends and loved ones have done. But God clearly has better things in mind for us, our family and our ministry.  He showed us ways on supplementing our income by monetizing websites and earning through internet marketing. He used our blogging mentor,, a classmate from one of the teaching degrees I took, to usher us through it. Now we are paying it forward as we freely conduct tutorials on blogging to people we know. Some of them have actually started earning themselves.

It works best for us as I always consider being my son’s Supervisor during our homeschool class as teaching no less. The fulfillment we get from seeing right before my eyes how he is developing through every PACE is indescribable. The opportunities that God sends our way when we obey Him are just countless! It totally made all the challenges along the way well worth it. 🙂

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