Sick Leave

Another of the many perks of homeschooling is that we get to have sick leaves without missing out on school lessons. Since our curriculum is based on our son’s pace, we are not pressured into completing anything at any particular time. That said, our son has been trained to make his own goals as he goes through each day. Unless the lesson for a subject came on a little challenging than usual, it is 20 pages per day for him these days.

We are currently on sick leave now. But we’re grateful that when we visited our son’s doctor last week, we learned that the last time we went in sick was in 2012. That’s two years of keeping the doctor at bay. So that’s a huge blessing. We are trying to get our son to relax and to play less because of a whole week of fever. For the most part, he’d be allowed to read 30 minutes at a time and listen to music using a headphone – link here. Our son is so musical that he just has to have music on via a podcast, youtube or from our playlist.

Hopefully, we go back to our regular homeschooling grind soon.

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