Setting up our Homeschool Learning Center

For more than two months now, we have been holding our homeschool in another setup. Because after almost 4 years of homeschooling in a cramped corner, God has provided a way for us to level up and upgrade our homeschooling nook. Although the construction is still in progress, we are very grateful for a better learning environment for our homeschooler.

Above is the ideal set up for a homeschooling learning center.

As per our Home Educator Manual, we are encouraged to select a room where the student can work with minimal distractions. Anything that helps the student’s learning environment is an educational asset. Some other considerations are:

  • Whatever place you choose, make sure that it has good lighting.
  • Provide a place in the room for small bulletin board where the student’s Goal Chart and Student Progress Chart can be displayed. Preferably fronting where the student works.
  • If you have more than one student, each should have an individual work space.
  • You need to provide a separate area where the student scores and tests. This could be a sewing machine table, a corner on the kitchen counter, a game table, etc. If available, choose an area that allows the student to stand upright. Whatever you choose, use it consistently.

In addition to the learning center set up, we are thinking of putting up a music room. Something simple like that of pedaltrain guitar center. This is where my husband and our homeschooler will spend their guitar and keyboard tutorial classes. If space will allow, we may later accommodate a drum set.

Hopefully, we will be able to pull off a more conducive learning atmosphere in our future homeschool corner that we will set up in our soon newly renovated home. It only seems like yesterday (2009) when we were trying to figure out how we will homeschool in our then 48sqm. home. The Lord has been faithful. He has provided for our every need even as we embrace God’s call for us to homeschool our son. 🙂

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