Remembering the 5 Laws of Learning

Today our homeschooler and I reviewed the School of Tomorrow Curriculum’s 5 Laws of Learning as pointed out in the handbook given to us when we started our Level 1 Curriculum. We are currently halfway through Level 4.

School of Tomorrow Curriculum’s 5 Laws of Learning:

  1. Student must be placed at the academic level in each subject where they can perform.
  2. Reasonable goals must be set each day.
  3. Students must be controlled and motivated.
  4. Learning must be measurable.
  5. Learning must be rewarded.

As homeschoolers, we have to be reminded of these non-negotiables even as it is so easy to take these things for granted when we have the liberty of homeschooling like we do.

We still have not enrolled our son to a supplementary class as we are swamped with things on our hand right now. We are having our home renovated. That also means we will have a new place for our homeschool. When we have settled, we may probably have my husband teach our son how to play the guitar, its basics and how to operate an acoustic guitar tuner. Then hopefully, we will get to squeeze Singapore Math in soon after. 🙂

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