Preschool with Ace and Christi’s Visualized Instruction


Eye means “find” or “look”
Crayon means “color”
Finger means “trace,” “point,” or “place your finger on”
Marker means “draw”
Ear means “listen carefully”
Mouth means “say”
Stop sign means “do as Ace is doing” (the picture of Ace handing Miss Content a PACE will serve as the instruction to turn the PACE in to the supervisor for scoring)
Scissors means “cut”
Glue means “glue”
Question mark means “think”

I only had to explain the visualized instruction to him once on our first day and he got everything by heart. Of course, he already knows all these things and we are more or less just reviewing the lessons that he already knows. What he is definitely benefiting from Preschool with Ace and Christi program is the development of his fine motor skills. He knows his past and present tense way before we started homeschooling. He already even knows his numbers and can add simple numbers. What we are working on is his writing skills, which admittedly, I have taken for granted to focus on. But right now his lines are less crooked, circles are more of circles than otherwise.

The curriculum uses letter sounds and not letter names to teach toddlers, for which, I am really glad. This validates what we have done from the start. We are just beginning I know and it will be more fun as we go along. We are really grateful that the Lord has allowed for us to home school.

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