Learning about Cockatoos

The little guy is excited about our new animal for the week: Cockatoos. It helps a lot that my office is right beside his school office. This means we could access the internet whenever we need to. Although there are pictures of the animals from the manuals and his paces, it’s neat that we can look over images of what the animals look like in real life.

Jed wanted to see how baby cockatoos look like, so we searched for just that and here is what we found.


baby cockatoo

We learned today that cockatoos are large, strong birds. Cockatoos like to fly very fast and their wings are very strong.  Cockatoos usually fly in large flocks over the jungles of Australia and New Guinea.  We used the globe again for this purpose.  Jed can already plot a handful of places on the globe.  He’s even doing better than me! 

Cockatoos stay together in the jungle and they enjoy rainy days, they love fruits and nuts too.  Cockatoos’ bills are strong. They use their strong bills to open nuts, they use their tongues to dig out the nuts from the shells.  We also learned that cockatoos have unusual feet.  They use their feet to climb up a tree and pick a piece of fruit.

Cockatoos are pretty birds with white, black, red or gray feathers.  Cockatoos can make the feathers on their heads stand up in a crest, like an “Indian Chief” headdress!  It is so fun to learn all these things with my little guy’s eyes wide with amazement. A mama cockatoo usually lays two white eggs in her nest of wood chips and it hatches in about three weeks.  Cockatoos chew on soft wood too and they need sand or gravel to help their stomachs digest their food.  

After learning all the things we learned about cockatoos, my son wants to get one for his pet!  Especially after learning that pet cockatoos can sometimes be taught to talk.  




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  1. Honestly, I myself have never seen a baby cockatoo before. The adults I have many times especially at the Bird Park in Kuala Lumpur. There are many diverse types of birds there. I love going there because of the open space and some birds are allowed to walk around our space so we can just touch and feed them. Anyway, first time dropping by here. Have a nice day 🙂

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