Last Day of Graduation Rehearsals

Today is the last day of graduation rehearsals. The sky was overcast and the heat was not so extreme, which is really a blessing. Given that the previous times we had to travel from Antipolo to Paranaque, we were all on the verge of heat exhaustion. The hubby took a picture of my my son and his friend, Tiffany with me on the background (far right) and a fellow homeschooling mom and her kid.

The rehearsal prior to this, the Academic Manager of Living Heritage Academy did an oral examination of all the graduating students. The parents were allowed to be in the office with the head as she tests our child. It’s nothing like an employment screening, I know. Nevertheless, we cannot be more proud as our son readily recited all the pledges (to the Bible and Christian flag), memory verses and animal songs with ease. The teachers were there too to witness and said that his voice sounds like the kid singing from the demo music.

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