In Search for Trick or Treat Costume

Our homeschooler has used several other costumes in the past. Some of them are: Pooh, Buzz Lightyear and Zorro, which he used two consecutive years in 2 different locations. We purposefully do not choose demon and witch costumes since we do not believe that as seemingly harmless as they are, we should not patronize evil spirits. The reality of their existence is real. They do not need to be glorified. Now, people can go legalistic and say, why join Trick or Treats then, when we all know where it originated from? When it comes to origins, there are a lot of traditions that are not God-glorifying in their nature or at least where it first came from. Even the Christmas season, are pointed by a lot of legalists as Satanic. Should we listen to that as well? God is able to use the ugly things of this world to reach out to people. Our conviction dictates not use evil costumes.

Now back to our search. Should we make something out of the wigs for women that I have and get our creativity on, maybe make use of some cardboards or just buy a superhero character costume from the mall? Our homeschooler wants a transformer costume this year. 🙂

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