Having class on an official No School Day

Despite classes being suspended because of Typhoon Juaning since yesterday. My son and I agreed to have our regular classes. This perfectly works for us as it allows us to have our days off during my husband’s rest day, being Monday. Mondays are usually rest days for all of us. We go places, hang out and just have fun. Other times, we just stay home and snuggle up. Oh, the joys of homeschooling!

In one of my son’s recent Science subject, the topic was about the different seasons. The instruction was for him to go pick a leaf in our front yard and identify what kind of leaf it was. Because what we’re using is an international curriculum, we pretty much encounter a lot of stories in his previous levels about playing in the snow and stuff about fall and its beautiful leaves. He now understands how Philippines is located (thanks to our handy globe) wherein we only have dry and wet (rainy) season.

It’s fun that as homeschoolers, our learning extends beyond our homeschool nook. Working with what we have and learning more about our environment. His picking out a leaf from our tiny garden box himself. His many questions that go around it. Even that of compost tumbler and the likes.

As of this writing, he is into his third subject for the day. Lately, we have not been very strict about him being in uniform. We’re not rigid that way. I see anyway that he’s into his “work” and finishing the goals he has set for himself even in his home clothes. So I figured, the purpose why we’re having him in uniform is served anyway. And since it’s supposed to be an official no school day anyway — so we’re homey schooling (comfy) this way. We’re almost halfway to our 6 year old finishing Grade/Level 2. We know we have to slow down. Else, he’d be done with middle school before he turns 10!

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