Halfway through Level 2

Our six year old little guy is now halfway through Level 2. We predicted last June that he was to finish Level 2 by September at the rate he was then going.  But because there are more complex topics that he started learning in Math, we just let him work at his own pace. There is no rushing, anyway. He is only six years old. We value his learning more than how fast he will be able to pace through the curriculum.

The progress chart above was taken using one of our mini netbooks in our home office. I was out all week during his class today.  I only got to check his tests and seatworks at night. But he was still able to finish all his 1018 PACES today. All 7 of them with perfect scores! One for each of his subjects — Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Word Building, Filipino and Araling Panlipunan.  Before the year ends, he will probably be done with Level 2. My next post will be about his new Math learning — how to “carry” in an addition problem. And this all happened when I was out of the house!  Our six year old homeschooler is one self-reliant second grader. 🙂

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