Goals for the Week

As weird as it may sound, our homeschool director is my husband. As my son’s homeschool supervisor, I facilitate our homeschooler as he does his everyday routine. But our director a.k.a. the husband also gets hands on and checks out our routine that I, at times, I tend to be lax at from time to time. This week, “the director” checked out our homeschooler’s goals and how he has been keeping at it. Because we were not given a goal sheet for this level (I forgot to ask for a pad during the time we went to pick up our Level 4 materials), we have not been writing a visual goal and just got content with our virtual goal of doing 5 pages per pace.

A visual goal is always the best way to gauge how a student is doing. I am grateful to have such intentional home educator partner for a husband. To date, we still have not enrolled our homeschooler to a supplemental class. It may be a music class where he will learn a thing or two about top presonus, note reading and the like or Singapore Math class.

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