Functions of Flags (National and Christian Flag)

Unlike attending traditional schools, a homeschooled child should also know the pledges regular students know – pledge of allegiance to the national flag and to the school. We cannot just withhold our children from learning these.

Aside from nurturing in our child respect for the country and the Christian flag, these two flags that sit on our son’s office also serve more than a single function. i.e.:

Phillippine/National Flag is raised:
1. Request permission to score.
2. Recite Memory Verse
3. Request permission for breaks (drinking, playing, etc.)

Christian Flag is raised:
1. Help with subject or lesson.
2. “Supervisor Score” strips.
3. Supervisor’s Initial (for check-ups and self tests)
4. Long or Detailed Questions

The additional functions of the flags during our homeschool time do not just allow for the students to develop a love and respect for what are represented in them, but also teach them the importance of following rules. Whenever our son raises any of the two flags, it also forces me to break from doing tasks while I am in my workstation working on some myotein research or just squeezing in some va jobs.

I try my best not to accommodate his questions if he does not do his part and raise a flag. This encourages him to focus on what should be done. We all know how a toddler’s pumped up energy can just make them do things as they please. This practically makes homeschoooling  as a good training ground for our son. 🙂

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  1. great idea! 😀 thanks for sharing!

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