Awards Received for Level 3: 7 Thousand Club Member & Honor A

7 Thousand Club and Honor A
As homeschoolers of Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow, we also get to enjoy recognition days like regular traditional students and parents. We were not able to attend last year’s event since we were out of the country. But this time around, we are thrilled to be able to attend our very first homeschoolers banquet and awards night.

It was in 2010, when our homeschooler received 2 awards during his Preschool Graduation: Best in Sound Recognition and Most Number of Excellent Marks! This time around, for Level 3, Jed took home two awards: 7 Thousand Club Member and Honor A! Congratulations, son! 😀  If a student is a 7 Thousand Club Member, it means he has earned 70 100 scores during the school year, regardless of the number of levels he was able to finish. For last year, our son only finished 1. We are more than half way through Level 4. Unlike the previous years, Level 4 is already more complex. Pushing him to finish right away to make it to the cut off is not really worth it. Half-baked won’t cut it for these homeschoolers.

As my son’s Teacher Mama, I am quite particular about the tests he takes. Truth be told, as homeschoolers, it is so convenient for me to allow my son to do a retake, I don’t. The self-test of every pace subject will do the job of reviewing what the student needs to master. If he gets a 92, then it’s 92. No retaking just so he gets a clean all 100 Master Record Sheet.  And our homeschooler knows than to mess with his Teacher Mama. Haha! My son was all smiles (priceless) when he got up that stage and then he babbled on doing better on his next levels so he gets to be a higher thousand club member! 😀

Above is a photo of our homeschooler 3 years ago, accepting his “Best in Sound Recognition Award.” Where has time flown? He was so tiny then!  Looking at how big he has grown since is making this Teacher Mama heart quite sentimental.

Honor A

 Our homeschooler receiving his Honor A award. 😀

We really appreciate the administration of the homeschooling arm of Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow. The night was momentous, not to mention the very creatively designed backdrop. I thought for a second it was a wall fountain right there. Thank you, PCSOT for keeping the quality of education our children are enjoying! After all these years, we are more than just breezing through homeschooling, (although there are challenges along the way) we are loving it by the day! 😀

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  1. Good job, Jennie and Jed!

  2. Hi. Did the school contact you to attend the recognition day?
    I just started homeschooling my daughter at PCST. I want to know more about the awards and awarding ceremony but I find it difficult to contact them.

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