ABC’s with Ace and Christi Graduation

Next month is going to be another milestone for this homeschooling family: Our son’s graduation from ABC’s with Ace and Christi. While he has long been done with the curriculum, it is not until next month that he gets to march with fellow homeschoolers who are using the School of Tomorrow’s ABC’s with Ace and Christi’s curriculum.

It was March last year when he graduated from Preschool with Ace and Christi with 2 Awards: Best in Sound Recognition and Most Number of Excellent Marks. It was a pleasant surprise for both the hubby and me, since we did not know until Jed was called that he was going to accept awards. While we are not so keen on him grabbing awards and trophies, that moment really made us proud of our son! Oh how time flies, it’s as if it was just yesterday that he got introduced to Abbie Antelope, the first animal and (æ) sound in Preschool with Ace and Christi.

Homeschoolers under School of Tomorrow are assessed through post test of every curriculum they finish. This allows for a neutral, non-biased assessment of staff and the admin of Living Heritage Academy, which is the homeschooling arm of School of Tomorrow.

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