3 Reasons to Add a Dog to Your Family

3 Reasons to Add a Dog to Your Family

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, it’s important to choose a breed whose habits and disposition are compatible with your family and lifestyle. For example, if you have small children and are generally very active, aussiedoodle puppies Brooksville FL could be a great choice. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a companion to cuddle on the couch, a maltese or basset hound may be a better fit. No matter what breed you choose, there are numerous benefits to adding a dog to your family, including the ones described below.

Extra Fresh Air

No matter the activity level of the breed you choose, your new family member will need to go for a walk each day. Even taking a short fifteen to twenty minute jaunt outdoors can have multiple health benefits, and strolling your neighborhood with a four-legged friend by your side will be sure to elevate your mood.

Improved Social Life

A dog is a great conversation starter. When you’re out and about with your pup, you may find strangers coming up to you asking questions about your dog and wanting to pet him or her. If you’re lucky and you play your cards right, you could make a new friend or even land a date!

Lower Stress Levels

Studies have shown that interacting with your pet can reduce your levels of stress and anxiety. Petting your dog has a calming effect, since it increases the level of oxytocin and decreases the level of cortisol in your body.

3 Reasons to Add a Dog to Your Family

There are many excellent reasons to bring a dog into your life. Remember, however, thatpet ownership is a serious commitment. Think carefully about whether you have the time, money and energy to provide for all of a dog’s needs before you decide to make him or her part of your family.

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