Which School Is For You? Selecting the Right Fit For Your Kids

Which School Is For You? Selecting the Right Fit For Your Kids

As fall rolls around, you are probably digging out the lunchbox and backpack from the back of the closet or taking a stroll through aisles scoping out the deals on supplies. School is soon-to-be back in session (if it hasn’t started for you already), and this can be an exciting and difficult time for parents. Your little ones are about head back to classrooms, and you want them to feel successful and safe. For some, that may mean exploring new avenues as they decide among public, charter or private education. Ultimately, children need a place where they can learn best and where you can feel good about their daily activities.

Which School Is For You? Selecting the Right Fit For Your Kids
Public School

The public school system has the benefit of costing nothing. With that, parents get classes, social interaction, and laws that hold teachers and administrators accountable. Each year starting in 3rd grade, state law mandates testing. This can help you understand your child’s placement; however, it means test prep in the room. Do you have a child that struggles? Public schools provide IEP/504 evaluations, and they should adhere to any recommendations within those documents.

Private School

If you have a desire to have smaller classes and more character development, then a private christian elementary school in florida may be for you. Not under government control, the schools decide curriculum (both academic and moral). You most likely will pay out of pocket, but sometimes scholarships are available. Check about special accommodations. While some offer special education classes, not all do. Finally, private education does not take state testing.

Charter School

These schools receive public school money, but they do not have to follow the state curriculum. In essence, the institution is similar to a private school. You must apply and be accepted into a charter. They can have smaller classes and more flexibility in teaching methods. Some specialize in ESE programs, but they are not required to accommodate IEP/504 plans as their resources may be limited.

Feel good about your child’s time at school. Find the location that suits their personality and learning style.

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