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Washington Schools: Private vs Public

Washington State takes education seriously. Ranked as the sixth-best state for education in the United States, there is something to be said about sending your child to school in the Evergreen State.

Washington Schools: Private vs Public

Private Schools

There are a number of terrific private schools in Washington: 792 of them, to be specific. With as large as King County is (where Seattle, Redmond and Bellevue are located, to name a few cities), it’s hardly surprising that it is home to 318 of these 792.

  • Sammamish private schools are a great option for those seeking a beautiful area and small classroom sizes. The average student to teacher ratio is 11:1, so you know that your child will be getting a lot of attention from faculty.
  • As with all private schools, understand that tuition can add up. For private elementary schools, the average yearly cost is about $9,687. For high schools, it goes up to close to $13,000.
  • Of all the private schools in Washington, about half of them are religious.

Public Schools

A free option is not a lesser option in Washington’s education system. There are 258 public school districts in the state, and once again, King County is home to the top ten best high schools in Washington.

  • If you aren’t comfortable moving to the city like Seattle or Bellevue, pick a suburb with a high education rate. Tahoma School District, for example, is located in Maple Valley and it is ranked the 69th high school in the state.
  • As of 2017, the graduation rate of public school students in the entire state was 79.3%.
  • The genders of the students in the state are just about equal; 48.4% of students are female, while 51.6% are male.

If Mount Rainier and the coffee aren’t enough to entice you to move to the Pacific Northwest, let the education system bring you there. If nothing else, the beautiful state is an amazing place to grow up.

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