Teaching with mother nature

One of the best subjects to teach is Science. Part of it is learning about plants; how it grows and develops, its chemical properties, diseases attributed to it, and its evolutionary relationship between taxonomic groups.

Children get excited when schools go on a field trip. Visiting botanical gardens can be very thrilling also to teachers. They get the chance to explain their lessons well by showing the true sample of the plant. The children experience and interact with the nature and with this, their minds get stimulated. Being a teacher, you know when kids get interested because they ask too many questions. Bumping to a plant that is new to them, they ask for its name, where is it classified, its unique structure, and its function.

At this times, take this time to make connections with your students. It’s more fulfilling to teach with the real thing at hand compared with just depending on books and pictures. Coming in close contact with the nature can be very satisfying and refreshing. While in the place, you might want to go on a little further and discuss about photosynthesis, hydroponics, green house effect, carbon dioxide and more.

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