Pre k

Preparing You and Your Child For Pre-K

Pre-K has been proven to offer benefits for children, including the ability to socialize, learn and explore. This requires preparation on both the parents and child’s part to get ready for this next big step. Make sure to prep your future pre-k student in these areas and they will be ready to thrive in pre-k.

Pre k

Pre-K Parent Prep

As you begin to think about sending your child off to pre-k tampa, it is important to acknowledge that this is a bit step for you and you will also need to prepare. By taking the time to deal with your own emotions around this big move, you can ensure that you are fully ready to support their next big steps.


Similarly to other school-age children, your future pre-k student will need essential school supplies. While they may not need these on their first day, these items will allow them to learn and engage with their classmates and teacher.

Talk About Pre-K

Your little one is about to take on a big adjustment so take the time to talk to them about it. These conversations can assure your child that there is nothing to be afraid of and can ease separation anxiety on your and their part. By taking the time to reassure them, you can talk to them about their worries ahead of time.

Effective Discipline and Boundaries

Young children will naturally push boundaries as a way to discover their world and will need discipline to reinforce boundaries. It is important to assert these at home so that they can navigate this new social situation. This also allows the teacher to spend less time discouraging negative behavior so that they can support the development and learning of all the children.

Pre-K can feel like as big of an adjustment for parents as it does the children. To ease the adjustment process, there is a great deal that parents can help their children learn and develop. By taking the time to prepare for pre-k, you can ensure that this process reduces anxiety, stress and bumps in the road.

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