Between Technological Schools and Universities

It is very different studying in technical schools and in academic campuses. In universities, classrooms would reach up to 60 students per class. They have a grade requirement that they need to have before they can enter a certain course. Apparently, courses here are focused to accomplishing a bachelor’s degree, reaching from four to five years the most.

For those people who doesn’t have enough to pay for their studies but are very eager to pursue something that can help them find a job, they run to technological schools. These schools concentrate on the person’s skills. You can choose your preferred short courses between 6 months or two years. Either way, you get a certificate on graduation. Most of the subject requires students to get acquainted to different machineries such as hydraulic hose, automotive parts, heavy equipments and more. Since this is a skill-based course, learners mostly range up to 25 people per class and lessons per day reach to two to four hours only.

Whether a person graduates from either of these schools, it doesn’t matter. Nowadays, especially for poor families, it’s enough that their kids graduate at once so they can find a job and help in the finances.

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