Being creative as we homeschool

As a homeschooling parent, being boring cannot be an option. Education should be be fun. Children learn by experience and they understand the lessons better when they can use most of their senses. In homeschooling, it’s even a challenge for the mother as she juggles between her work, house tending, and teaching her children the day’s lecture.

In one TV show, a homeschooler mom was asked on what she does when her work requires her to go to out and meet with a client. How about her children? She answers that when this happens, she would prepare educational videos on her iPad and just connect it to the tube through an apple component av cable so her children can continue their lessons. Then they will review everything when she gets home. I have yet to figure this out, but it might just be a good supplement.

If it worked for this mother, maybe this can also apply to others as well. It will not be a permanent thing, just for emergency cases like the one mentioned. For some, they would hire substitute teachers but this is very rare depending if the mom trusts and knows the teacher already to leave her children with.

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