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Pediatric Rehab Guide For Chronic Pain Suffers

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After an adult has surgery, the recovery process is usually quite difficult. However, for kids who have special medical needs, recovery can be extremely challenging. Pediatric patients typically have physical and emotional problems following surgery.

Although recovery is tough, there are reconditioning rehabilitation programs available that strengthen kids mentally and physically after surgery. Because the programs are effective, many patients avoid many minor and major complications.

Pain Rehabilitation General Information

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Manulife Advisers Achieve Golden Global Standard for Better Client Care

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Manulife Philippines is celebrating its insurance advisers attaining an internationally-recognized standard for client care and service. More than 30 Metro Manila-based advisers were awarded the Registered Financial Consultant (RFC), a global certification set by the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC), the worldwide association for financial planners, based in Ohio, U.S.A. 
The advisers studied for the qualification at the Manulife Learning and Development Center in Chatham House, Makati City. Key topics included financial planning, risk management, education and estate planning, retirement and tax planning. All courses are taught by RFC-certified faculty, following the rigorous international curricular program of the IARFC.

Mr. Ryan Charland (center, seated), President and Chief Executive Officer of Manulife Philippines, is joined by members of Manulife Philippines Agency Training and Development Department (ATDD) at the Manulife Philippines headquarters in Makati City. Others in photo are Ms. Rogie Bertol, Senior Assistant Vice President and Head of Training, Manulife Philippines ATDD (seated, 4th from left) and Mr. David Grant, Senior Vice President and Chief Agency Officer, Manulife Philippines (seated, 4th from right) 

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Homeschooling while Traveling

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We are currently on a homeschool break and we are looking forward to traveling with our family next month. Our homeschooler will soon jumpstart to Level 5 when we come back from our vacation. But truth be told, one of the many advantages of homeschooling is being able to bring the homeschool lessons just about anywhere. Doing school while on vacation is something that is entirely feasible any time of the year.

That said, our family vacation next month will not include homeschooling on the side. We will be spending two birthdays in the family as we recommit to being one in heart and mind as we work towards glorifying God in our lives. We have been in a major turmoil lately and the plan is to press on. The getaway will be a needed break for all of us.

Our homeschooler, being all too much of a wide-reader have got things in his mind that he wants to fly to for our family vacation someday. Read this article »

Seasonal Cleaning and Outgrown Clothes

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With the “lipat bahay” (moving houses) we have recently done, we inevitably sorted clothes out from our closets. Both ours and the little guy’s. The practice that we have raised our son in is that whenever he gets anything new, whether clothing or toy, he gives away something from his stuff. As adults, this also teaches us against hoarding and gets us into the habit of sharing with others the extra that we have. Because he has grown up doing this, we see that our son does not too attached with material things.

When we went through our closets and transferred them all to our current temporary home, we sorted out things we have not used in the last year and stuff we just do not see ourselves wearing anymore. Read this article »

Teaching our homeschooler about Tithing

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“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

I cannot anymore remember when we first taught our son about tithing. I just realized that we have kind of instilled about giving to God what is His whenever he envisions how he plans to be in the future. Including having a job and giving to God, especially through the church. Since it has been our resolve to teach our child about God’s word early on, we have along the way included this in one of our many informal regular everyday conversations.

Then there’s the temptation to pamper our homeschooler with everything he pleases. Aside from having very limited resources, we have to teach him the value of money. God always gets the ten percent first or more if we are able, before we get to enjoy the rest. We do reward him for jobs well done. But he definitely cannot have everything he wants on a whim. Read this article »

The evacuated homeschooler and Typhoon Survival List

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We have missed homeschooling classes for some days now because of the Flood Scare. We had to send him to my sister and brother in law’s place early yesterday to find refuge. Unlike last 2009’s Ondoy, we hope for him not to have to wade through flood waters. It is a blessing that we have loved ones living on higher ground that is just within our village.

Here is a helpful list for those of us who need to prepare for “floody situations” such as this – Typhoon Survival List shared on Facebook.

We came back to tidy up the house. We did some measures last night before we left just in case the flood will reach the house and it was a total mess. Read this article »

Flood scare

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This homeschooling family is in the midst of flood scare once again. The last time we had to deal with flooding was during Typhoon Ondoy. The flood reached waist high inside the house. Although we left the house when the flood water was yet ankle deep, we saw from the the traces of flood line all over the house that it reached that level.

We are blessed enough that I even manage to blog now. Our homeschooler was thrilled that his inflatable boat will be made useful. He helped his father set it up. My trusty little helper tried to salvage some books with me as we transferred books in the lower portion of the book case to his upper bunk bed Read this article »

Our musical homeschooler

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Our homeschooler has clearly taken after his father in the “corny” department, no doubt about that. But it sure does look like he’s also a musician like his father. The above photo was taken yesterday at church after the service. I usually do not allow him to go playing with the instruments between services. But since there was not a lot of people around that time and with his promise that he won’t be too loud with the eagerness on his face as he said that he wanted to play with the song on the background, I allowed him for a couple of minutes or so.

Long before he was able to talk straight, we have observed that he already knew how to carry a tune. The above video clip was taken when Jed was a wee 1 year and 7 months old. Barely 2 years old and although his timing might not be impeccable, he knows when to hit the cymbal as the background music of Kids Praise plays. Read this article »