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Two PACE sets shy away from leveling up to Grade 6!

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This is the longest time we have stayed at a level in all our five years of homeschooling. But then again, we aren’t on a rush since our dear student is still 9 year old. The subjects are really getting more challenging by the level. Especially Math.

Our homeschooler is getting better and better at his recent PACE tests have yielded perfect on at least 5 out of his 8 subjects. We recently added a soccer class to his schedule. Read this article »

Guitar Lessons with Teacher Papa

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It has been a while since my husband stood as Teacher Papa to our homeschooler. That will change very soon as he steps up to schedule regular guitar lesson sessions with our very dear student. Instead of enrolling him in a music school, personally training and teaching our son will not just deem practical for our pockets but will also be rewarding as this could also mean a regular father and son bonding time for them.

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Sem Break Soccer Clinic

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My husband and I are plenty thrilled even as we recently registered Jed to a soccer clinic that he will attend throughout the semestral break. Hubs has been into soccer for as long as he can remember. That’s just one of his passions and we love that our homeschooler will be able to do this during the sem break. Technically, we really don’t do sem breaks as we homeschool. In fact, we go on with our regular homeschooling schedule even during times that we hear from the news that classes are suspended. That just don’t apply with us since we are not affected by typhoons since we stay indoors.

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Summer Activity: Basketball Clinic

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Last Saturday was our homeschooler’s first day at the basketball clinic we joined him in. The hubby and I were away working on a wedding coordination job that was booked last year that time so we had to miss it. Thankfully, we had my dear sister and her husband bring our son to the venue.
Basketball Jed.jpg
We were so thrilled to see our son ecstatic over the learnings he had thus far. He has mentioned quite a few terms that even my husband who has been playing basketball for over three decades haven’t really heard that’s what those moves are called. 🙂

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Singapore Math Supplementary Class

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When arithmetic was first introduced to my son when he was in preschool, we had popsicle sticks for manipulatives and that was it. Now that he is officially enrolled in Singapore Math class in Galileo Enrichment Learning Center, we bought him the Number Balance Equalizer and the Base Ten Blocks.

I have been reading that in Singapore Math, there are a handful of manipulatives that are used right from preschool. These are:

a. Counters
b. Multilink cubes
c. Simple balance
d. Number cards
e. Geometric solids
f. Clock with geared hands
g. Tangrams blocks

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Introducing Manipulatives in Learning Singapore Math

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My son has been attending Galileo Enrichment’s Singapore Math class for a month now and I can see a whole lot of improvement in his overall approach towards the subject.

Last week, we bought him a Number Balance Equalizer by Gigo Toys, which he has figured out how to use and is helping him a great deal in his Math problems. Finally after weeks of trying to find Base Ten Blocks, another manipulative tool used in Singapore Math, Read this article »

On Supplementary Classes: Singapore Math vs. Piano Lessons

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Our homeschooler only had formal piano lessons at home for no more than a couple of months. Our family got caught up in things that took our resources and attention. More than a year since we have stopped our homeschooler with supplementary classes and he has been creatively working on his interests, one of which is playing the keyboards.

He has been thoroughly using the M Audio Pro Keys Sono 61 keyboard we got him last year. We first thought we should have bought him a Yamaha or one of those more popular keyboard brands. But we figured this one was a good investment since it has the capability to record. I think the hubby has figured out how it works and has already taught bits of this and that to the little man. 🙂 Read this article »

Our Homeschooler Takes on the Discipleship Lessons Program

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Now here’s worth blogging about, our 8 year old taking on our church’s Discipleship Lessons Program. He officially started last May 27, 2013. While he has John 3:16 memorized for a while now, he still has two verses to get this Lesson Number 1 completed.

Discipleship Lesson1

Jed received Jesus Christ in his heart in January 20, 2010. He was 4 years old then. But because we were not sure yet if he sincerely knew what he was doing, we held our horses and waited until we were certain. As our son grew older, the fruit of the Spirit would manifest and with our regular random conversations, we as his parents were assured that he has a personal relationship with Jesus. Our son followed Jesus in the waters of baptism last May 29, 2011, more than a year since the day he chose to have a personal relationship with God.

salvation and assurance

We incorporated this Discipleship Lessons in our church in SBC-Makati right from the time we planted the church. Having been fruits (both my husband and I) of this discipleship program, we knew the importance of following up new believers, basic things of what the Bible says of our faith. Rightfully jump starting with Salvation and Assurance as the first lesson. We are grateful for Pastor Bailey (founder of SBC) for coming up with these lessons that we are now using to equip our church family in Makati.

Above is a screen capture of Discpleship Lesson #1: Salvation and Assurance. Aside from our homeschooler memorizing the Bible verses that comes with the lesson, he is going to the Bible himself to answer the questions. Read this article »

A Great Homeschool Supplement Find: Basic Not Boring Series

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Ever since our homeschooler learned to read at 4 years old, one of his favorite places to go to in the mall is Book Sale. So I handed that habit down to him, all right. I just find it such a treasure trove, especially when I find books that are rather hard to find in our usual bookstores. I cannot anymore count the priceless “eureka” moments I have had in Book Sale. 🙂

Our family went to visit my father in law in Davao last week and guess what we found in Book Sale, NCCC Mall branch? This amazing homeschooling supplement book by the name of “Basics Not Boring Series.”

Our son was actually looking for another Clifford book. That huge and lovable red dog has found its way to our homeschooler’s heart since he started reading. What he bought were novels of Star Wars and the Happy Feet Mumble’s Journey “novelization.” He has novels of Kung Fu Panda 2, The Smurfs, et. al. I have observed that our son finds a movie more interesting when he has read the book. And if ever he watched the movie first before getting hold of the book, he will go about getting amazed over some realizations of what really happened! Oh the fun of reading! We really are thankful that our son has embraced the love of reading early on.

Basic Not Boring Series: Fifth Grade Book Inventive Exercises to Sharpen Skills and Raise Achievement

The Basic Not Boring Series use exciting adventures and delightful characters to help teach fundamental skills to grade students. Each book combines nearly 300 pages of exercises from the BASIC/Not Boring Series into a comprehensive resource teachers and parents.

Even while our homeschooler was browsing through the pages while still inside the store (and I was checking out this oven repair diy book), he was already smitten. I am not so sure if this book series are readily available in NBS or Fully Booked. We were able to buy this book for only around $3, originally a $27 value book. The pages were barely written on. In fact, only the first page has a girl’s name written on it, in pencil, at that. We are thankful that we get to have access to such supplementary materials for cheap. 🙂

Typing Course for Kids

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During our homeschool break, my son got himself busy with this Typing Course for Kids. I figured it would help him learn how to touch type. He has been blogging for more than a couple of years now. He started blogging with him dictating and me typing away whatever he wants published. Then, he learned to read and write. He figured out his way around the keyboard but takes him a whole while to finish a post. This explains why his blog posts from when he was four years old and dictating his blog posts away while I type are lengthier than his recent ones where he is the one typing his blog posts himself.

I learned to touch type when I was in first year college. This thought made me think that it might be premature for our 7 year old homeschooler to learn to touch type. How wrong was I! If these typing courses were available during our time, we might not even have to include Typing 101 in our curriculum in college!

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