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Two PACE sets shy away from leveling up to Grade 6!

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This is the longest time we have stayed at a level in all our five years of homeschooling. But then again, we aren’t on a rush since our dear student is still 9 year old. The subjects are really getting more challenging by the level. Especially Math.

Our homeschooler is getting better and better at his recent PACE tests have yielded perfect on at least 5 out of his 8 subjects. We recently added a soccer class to his schedule. Read this article »

Something New for Our Homeschooling Nook: Mini Bladeless Fan from Tmart

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This homeschooling mom came home last weekend with a huge package from Tmart. Guess who is one thrilled boy upon opening the box? Our homeschooler, of course! It took him some considerable EQ to have him wait until I arrive home before opening the box. And I was not just away overnight, it was 6 days! Since he was with me browsing through and practically the one who chose from the wide array of items that he could use as we homeschool. A bladeless fan is what he wanted, so that is what we ordered.

Bladeless fan.jpg


Portable Bladeless Fan from Tmart

These homeschoolers in this block are just thrilled that this arrived a couple of weeks before our summer break. Truth be told, our homeschooler has been taking this bladeless fan with him wherever he goes. He puts it at the foot of his bed when he sleeps and even brings it to his aunt’s place when he stays there. He is one sweaty boy, so he loves the convenience of a fan that can be brought just about anywhere. 🙂

tMart Mini Bladeless Fan

Our homeschooler’s mini bladeless fan, unboxed. 🙂

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And we’re back!

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With homeschool break over, we are not back to our regular programming. PACES throughout the weekdays and Singapore Math Tutorial on Saturdays. I am looking into having a half day music class but I’m still choosing the day to schedule that on.

We are kind of still gliding and loving the vacation high from last week. Read this article »

Our Updated Level 4 Master Record Sheet

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We are 4 PACES away to finishing  Level 4. When I come to check our homeschooler’s previous levels, this is the longest number of months he has stayed in one level. Aside from our house construction project, which clearly is a factor of the delay, we also traveled to Davao last March aside from the couple of out of town blog projects I had to take care of. Then in a couple of weeks, we are flying to Cebu for a late celebration of his 8th birthday! 🙂

But as our son just turned 8, even at one level per year, he will be done with middle school at 16 years old. So really, there is no reason to rush things.  Besides, I really would rather that he masters each and every subject lesson more than him finishing each level the shortest possible time. Priorities.

Level 4 Master Record Sheet

That said, we also have a 4 Day a Week, homeschool schedule. We only do school time from Tuesdays thru Fridays. Mondays, being my husband’s day off from ministry (he pastors SBC-Makati), is also our family day. Read this article »

A Peek Into Our Level 4 Master Record Sheet

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Yes, we are almost halfway through Level 4! Almost because tomorrow is the day our homeschooler gets to complete all 8 PACES. I grade the subjects all at the same time.

The Master Record Sheet is one of our most important documents in the homeschool system we use. The Progress Chart is also important as it allows the student to see how he is doing and encourages him to move forward. Read this article »

Done with Level 4’s First Series of PACES

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After more than a month of having our homeschool break, we finally officially started with our Level 4 PACES last October 16, 2012. As per my own homeschooler’s words, “The Math lessons are extra challenging in this level,” and for good reason. With the other subjects, he is doing great. Even in his Filipino and Araling Panlipunan subjects, I have to say that he is able to grasp the lessons despite the fact that his primary language is not Filipino. There are a handful of “Talasalitaan” we had to consult the internet for, but nothing major that would require a lot of hours burning the night lamp.

There are a few things we do not do now that we used to do when we were still starting. Like wearing his school uniform, for instance. Because our homeschooler is able to define when “homeschool time” is, we went easy on him having to wear his uniform like he used to during his first two years of homeschooling. Read this article »

Level 2 Progress Chart (Week 1)

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This is our homeschooler’s Level 2 Progress Chart – Week 1. While this might not look to mean a lot, this is actually equivalent to 7 PACES. Each has at least 27 pages (some have 31 pages). At the rate he’s going, he just might be done with Level 2 by September. Then he’ll be off to Level 3.

Honestly, I don’t want to rush him. But since he is pretty pumped up because of his being able to reach his goal of 5 to 10 pages for each PACE per day and the reward he can exchange his Congratulations slip with.

Congratulations Slip

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iPad in our homeschool

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While it is true that there are bunches upon bunches of great iPad apps that might as well distract our little guy during homeschool time if we incorporate its use in our routine, it is so far working just fine for both me and my not so little homeschooler.

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SOT Curriculum’s 5 Laws of Learning

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This year’s (Level 1) curriculum is going to be different from that of our first couple of years of Preschool homeschooling. As opposed to the last couple of years’s huge ring binder manuals (all 6 of them), I now have a handbook type of manual with 40 pages.

The manual starts off with School of Tomorrow Curriculum’s 5 Laws of Learning:

  1. Student must be placed at the academic level in each subject where they can perform.
  2. Reasonable goals must be set each day.
  3. Students must be controlled and motivated.
  4. Learning must be measurable.
  5. Learning must be rewarded.

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