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The Phil. Homeschool Conference 2017: Educating for the World of Tomorrow

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The Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands, or HAPI, is an organization that hopes “to see home education recognised as an available and respected form of education, shaping leaders and movers who will build our nation.”

HAPI aims to do this by equipping organisations and homeschooling groups in growing the national movement and, thus, build the nation through homeschooling.


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Level 4 Literature and Creative Writing/Basic Literature Scope and Sequence and Our Homeschooler’s Sample Informal Writing

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Our homeschooler started having the subject Literature and Creative Writing when he was in Level 3. He is towards the last couple of PACES of Level 4. It has since been the one subject our homeschooler persistently excels at. I think it comes with the fact that he started embracing the love for reading early. It was in the first 3 months of his preschool years when this little guy surprised us with reading straight from the book. He was 4 years old then.

Jed's Informal Writing
We cannot emphasize enough how much we appreciate the reading program of the School of Tomorrow. They have designed it in a way that the progression of the student’s reading to be natural. Plus the fact that our son is so good at his phonetics, that he has gone beyond us, his parents. It is now he that corrects our enunciation sometimes.

Our homeschooler’s current Literature and Creative Writing subject (PACEs 1025-1036) has this for its Scope and Sequence:

The student:
 Puts sentences, instructions, and stories in order; learns sequencing and placement .
 Uses action and descriptive words and learns about limericks.
 Expands imagination.
 Discovers heroes and enemies in a story .
 Creates stories from pictures .
 Writes story titles and reports .
 Learns about characters, plot, and setting; employs comparison; shows comprehension and order in a
story .
 Continues to practice speed-reading and handwriting skills .
 Locates places on maps .
 Uses Scripture to learn how to respond to difficult situations that might arise .
 Considers character-building examples placed throughout each PACE in the course

Since I was schooled in a traditional setting, I remember doing similar types of informal writing. Only, it was not as progressively designed as the curriculum we use.

In our homeschooler’s above informal writing, I noted a couple of items he can improve on:

  1. I first noticed he shortened the word “Pastor” to “Ptr.” He said he got  used to it when he sometimes reads sms sent to his Papa, addressing him as “Ptr.” 🙂
  2. The contractions. Go easy on them. As much as I would love to have our student to have a relaxed tone in the way he writes, I really would rather that he gets used to avoiding contractions to get him ready for more formal writing he is set to do when he advances to higher school level.

We have been happily home educating for more than four years and I love that through this blog we are able to journal our homeschooling journey. No erase hard drive for us blogging homeschoolers, not even the accidental ones. 🙂

School of Tomorrow Contact Details

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Virtually every single day, I get an email coming from my dear readers who would love to know more about homeschooling and School of Tomorrow (the homeschool curriculum we use). While it totally affirms why we put up this homeschooling blog in 2009, to help spread the word out about homeschooling and to be of service to those who are in need of information about homeschooling, there is no way I can individually reply to each and every one of you on a daily basis.

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Mentoring Minds and Critical Thinking Strategies

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Because the quality of traditional school system is steadily declining through the years, homeschooling is increasingly becoming a popular option for parents who would choose to provide the best education to their children minus to hefty price tag.

Facts and fundamentals apply to subjects like Math and Science. But the application of logic and reasoning should be encouraged in every other subject. While there is this controversy about critical thinking system sometimes going overboard when they tend to lean towards skepticism and general confusion, I have reason to believe that it is still as important for children to be encouraged to probe and formulate solutions based on given fundamentals. Read this article »

Homeschooling supplement resources

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Whether you are homeschooling using Do It Yourself kits which are available online (freeware or otherwise) or enrolled in a particular curriculum like our family is, supplements should always be a welcome idea. Our family is blessed to have been introduced to School of Tomorrow’s homeschooling program at just the right time. I’m not sure if we will be able to press on beyond our first year with homescholing if we used another curriculum. I have seen a lot of families giving up on it a few months and years down the road.

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Umbrella Schools for Homeschoolers

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One of the things we are contacted for, almost on a daily basis, is who to call and how to enroll their child in the School of Tomorrow homeschooling program. Since these are answered in the FAQ page of Christian Homeschooler, I do not anymore individually answer each query.

For your information, aside from School of Tomorrow, there are other umbrella schools for homeschoolers you might want to check out as well. Here are their contact details.

School of Tomorrow 822-9663, 822-4309

International Christian Academy 820-4521, 825-8392

Kids World Integrated School, Inc. 413-0454, 430-4206

Meanwhile, in our llittle homeschooling nook, we are towards the last couple of PACES in our Level 3 curriculum. Our son has been consistently doing 100% on his tests on all his 7 subjects. Although his last 2 tests in Araling Panlipunan, he only scored 94%. So he’s working on his Tagalog now. It is proving to be a challenge that all the learnings in both Filipino and Araling Panlipunan are in Tagalog and guessing the correct answer in his tests will not work since some are already in Essay format.

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Kids World Integrated School Homeschool Orientation

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While our family will always be partial towards the School of Tomorrow curriculum, we are happy that more and more traditional and progressive schools are actually opening its doors to having their own homeschooling department.

Kids World Integrated School will conduct its homeschool orientation and discuss about their homeschool program. It will be held on Friday, June 8, 2012 at 3PM. Kids World Integrated School is located in North Greenhills, Johnson Park, San Juan, Metro Manila. For reservation, please call these numbers: 7266563, 9754676, 0917-8380869.

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Upcoming: Singapore Math Festival

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Learn what makes Singaporean students the best in Mathematics. Find out how this new trend in education called Singapore Math makes Math concepts easier and faster to grasp and why top schools are adopting it. Educators, homeschoolers, school administrators and parents can avail of the Super Saver Discount until August 15, 2011.

Singapore Math Festival, the country’s first Singapore Math conference will feature Dr. Queena Lee-Chua, a Math Professor and multi-awarded educator. Notable speakers from schools who have adopted the Singapore Math will also share their experiences and teaching successes and how they make this method appropriate for the Filipino child.

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SOT Curriculum’s 5 Laws of Learning

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This year’s (Level 1) curriculum is going to be different from that of our first couple of years of Preschool homeschooling. As opposed to the last couple of years’s huge ring binder manuals (all 6 of them), I now have a handbook type of manual with 40 pages.

The manual starts off with School of Tomorrow Curriculum’s 5 Laws of Learning:

  1. Student must be placed at the academic level in each subject where they can perform.
  2. Reasonable goals must be set each day.
  3. Students must be controlled and motivated.
  4. Learning must be measurable.
  5. Learning must be rewarded.

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