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Homeschool break = annual anniversary trip!

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Our homeschooler is thrilled as our annual anniversary trip is very fast approaching (this means no PACES and school break), he’s counting the days! As opposed to our previous overseas trips that involved sweaters, cardigans, bonnets and thick cashmere shawls, this trip is going to be even more tropical (I think( than Manila. Yikes! But we’re still looking forward to our travel since it’s our first time to fly to Singapore!

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These Homeschoolers are on “Spring Break”

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Technically, we don’t really have “Spring Break” around this very tropical country. But early this week, our kiddo requested for one. I’d gather he picked that up from his peers in the Basketball clinic he is a part of. It is Summer break. So we are having just that the next couple of weeks.

Although there’s nothing like the flexibility of homeschooling, our son’s Level 5 curriculum is already very challenging and I can see that similar to kids his age attending regular school, classes have the makings of stressing him out. So break it is. Read this article »

Homeschoolers on Hiatus

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Our not so little homeschooler is currently having the time of his life as we officially go on homeschooling hiatus. He has everything planned out even as we have a couple of places to go to for our short getaways. After yet overwhelmed with our Disney trip two weeks ago, we are set to have yet another couple of rounds of traveling!

We are so thrilled to be able to do all these family travels and we know there is just no way we can afford to do this if we weren’t homeschooling. Read this article »

Christmas Break Soon!

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We are flying to Hongkong Disneyland in a few days and our homeschooler has been counting the days since weeks before. We are grateful that his fever was resolved the soonest last week. But the problem with kid having a fever, the mom loses sleep over overnight sponge baths. I have been nursing this bad colds for a few days now. Talk about immunity running loose.

We officially covered the last PACE Test (Math, no less) yesterday. But I think he is looking forward to checking out his new batch of PACES. For some reason, crisp and brand new PACES gets him excited (just like he would be with new books). Read this article »

Homeschooling while Traveling

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We are currently on a homeschool break and we are looking forward to traveling with our family next month. Our homeschooler will soon jumpstart to Level 5 when we come back from our vacation. But truth be told, one of the many advantages of homeschooling is being able to bring the homeschool lessons just about anywhere. Doing school while on vacation is something that is entirely feasible any time of the year.

That said, our family vacation next month will not include homeschooling on the side. We will be spending two birthdays in the family as we recommit to being one in heart and mind as we work towards glorifying God in our lives. We have been in a major turmoil lately and the plan is to press on. The getaway will be a needed break for all of us.

Our homeschooler, being all too much of a wide-reader have got things in his mind that he wants to fly to for our family vacation someday. Read this article »

Milestone: Our 8yo homeschooler learned to swim on his own!

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During our recent family getaway in Plantation Bay in Cebu, our homeschooler learned to swim on his own! We initially planned to have to avail of the swimming lesson for kids in the resort just like last year. Considering last year the boy was wailing half the time Lifeguard Vincent was teaching him. He was plain crazy scared of drowning and no matter how often we visit pools and beaches, he’d just play in the water but he won’t hear of learning how to swim at all.

Jed learns to swim at Kilimanjaro freshwater pool (resized)

That was until I talked to him about the importance of knowing how to swim. After that Ondoy flooding in 2009, we wanted to be more vigilant. After seeing a video clip of a baby swimming, he reluctantly said yes. But as we randomly talk about it the weeks previous our Plantation Bay getaway, he was no longer as reluctant.

My husband told me that he tried teaching him while they were in Kilimanjaro pool but the boy was too scared. Hubby then decided to just let him be. He just swam close to where he was and as our son knows the basics of bubbles, he saw him trying to swim on his own. I came to the pool amazed! He totally took it after his father since Jeff also learned how to swim on his own around the same age.

Jeff and Jed at Kilimanjaro

And as if learning to swim on his own was not enough. The same day, our homeschooler conquered his fear of slides! It may not sound much but from our similar issues with heights and slides and my sporty and fit hubby getting frustrated at us every time, I never thought I’d go sliding myself (in all my 36 years). All because I was embarrassed to be so fearful when my 8 year old looked like he was having the time of his life. Haha! He went up and down the slide until the sun was down. Read this article »

We’re on homeschooling break

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Just because we are on homeschooling break does not mean learning should stop. I will always find my eager little reader buried in one of his many books and some days ago, I caught him lying down on the bed with the How Things Work Childcraft book. Since I have not exactly been documenting a lot of his milestones for a bit now, I asked permission if I can take a video of him and he said yes. Such an agreeable boy! 🙂

Aside from the usual reading he usually does, he also started with some Typing Lessons for Kids over the internet. I will blog about that soon. Here is much I can say, even if the challenge can overwhelm him sometimes, he presses on. On one sitting he was able to reach up to Level 4 on his Typing Lessons. He stood up for a while and I thought he gave up on it. I left him alone and after ten minutes he turned the laptop back on and went back where he left off. Now, he consciously does the proper fingering for typing without my having to remind him! I’m impressed!

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The evacuated homeschooler and Typhoon Survival List

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We have missed homeschooling classes for some days now because of the Flood Scare. We had to send him to my sister and brother in law’s place early yesterday to find refuge. Unlike last 2009’s Ondoy, we hope for him not to have to wade through flood waters. It is a blessing that we have loved ones living on higher ground that is just within our village.

Here is a helpful list for those of us who need to prepare for “floody situations” such as this – Typhoon Survival List shared on Facebook.

We came back to tidy up the house. We did some measures last night before we left just in case the flood will reach the house and it was a total mess. Read this article »

Pasalubong shopping at Ben Tanh Market, HCMC

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Aside from all the praises that we have for Thien Xuan Hotel, its location is also perfect being a block away from Ben Tahn Market. We did not wait another day to go visit and check out the knick knacks at Ben Tanh Market. We went for our pasalubong shopping at night time.

Ben Tanh Night Market is the place to go for tourists if you would like to be able to haggle and buy stuff for cheap. These are the first batch of pasalubong we were able to get hold of on our first night at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The collection of stuff for sale were so varied, I could have bought one of each if only I have the luggage space. From detailed and pretty dish paintings, funny coffe mugs, iPho shirts and other souvenir items.

Being homeschoolers, this serves like our field trip of sorts. We get to expose our son to a different culture, their history and lifestyle. The gazillion of photos that we came home with will come very handy as we read more about Vietnam and Cambodia in our Social Studies class. 🙂