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Sick Leave

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Another of the many perks of homeschooling is that we get to have sick leaves without missing out on school lessons. Since our curriculum is based on our son’s pace, we are not pressured into completing anything at any particular time. That said, our son has been trained to make his own goals as he goes through each day. Unless the lesson for a subject came on a little challenging than usual, it is 20 pages per day for him these days.

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In Search for Trick or Treat Costume

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Our homeschooler has used several other costumes in the past. Some of them are: Pooh, Buzz Lightyear and Zorro, which he used two consecutive years in 2 different locations. We purposefully do not choose demon and witch costumes since we do not believe that as seemingly harmless as they are, we should not patronize evil spirits. The reality of their existence is real. They do not need to be glorified. Now, people can go legalistic and say, why join Trick or Treats then, when we all know where it originated from? Read this article »

Halfway through Level 5

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We have been back to our to our regular programming for sometime now. We got swamped with online and offline tasks and we had to adjust back to squeezing in our homeschooling schedule. It’s been pretty overwhelming but we have made it through a couple months since and we are now, in fact, more than half way through!

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And we’re back!

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With homeschool break over, we are not back to our regular programming. PACES throughout the weekdays and Singapore Math Tutorial on Saturdays. I am looking into having a half day music class but I’m still choosing the day to schedule that on.

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Our Updated Level 4 Master Record Sheet

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We are 4 PACES away to finishing  Level 4. When I come to check our homeschooler’s previous levels, this is the longest number of months he has stayed in one level. Aside from our house construction project, which clearly is a factor of the delay, we also traveled to Davao last March aside from the couple of out of town blog projects I had to take care of. Then in a couple of weeks, we are flying to Cebu for a late celebration of his 8th birthday! 🙂

But as our son just turned 8, even at one level per year, he will be done with middle school at 16 years old. So really, there is no reason to rush things.  Besides, I really would rather that he masters each and every subject lesson more than him finishing each level the shortest possible time. Priorities.

Level 4 Master Record Sheet

That said, we also have a 4 Day a Week, homeschool schedule. We only do school time from Tuesdays thru Fridays. Mondays, being my husband’s day off from ministry (he pastors SBC-Makati), is also our family day. Read this article »

Level 4 Social Studies PACE 1044: Learning About China, Its Language, Hudson Taylor and Being Patient

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To give you an idea how we go about our homeschooling, here are a few of things that you will find in the curriculum that we use, particularly, Level 4 Social Studies PACE 1044. It’s the 8th of a series of 12 PACES for each subject of a Level 4 Student using this particular homeshcooling curicculum.

Included in our homeschooler’s Level 4 Social Studies’s goals are:

  • To write the answers in cursive
  • To learn about Hudson Taylor, a missionary in China
  • To learn some things about China
  • To learn to accept whatever happens as God’s best for me – to be patient.

Scripture Verse for this PACE:

“Run with patience the race… set before us.” Hebrews 12:1

One of the things that I especially appreciate about the School of Tomorrow curriculum is how it incorporates in a student’s goals values and Bible verse in each PACE.  The above goals are written on the first page of the PACE.

Chinese is an interesting Language

Our homeschooler was particularly enthusiastic last week as he went about learning about China, its people and language. He was so amazed about learning that a person needs to know about 3,000 different pictures to read a Chinese paper. He also learned that similar to Vietnamese, a word’s meaning in Chinese becomes different when you use a different tone. He started to scribble words from the Chinese characters he learned.

Most Chinese are Farmers

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Awards Received for Level 3: 7 Thousand Club Member & Honor A

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7 Thousand Club and Honor A
As homeschoolers of Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow, we also get to enjoy recognition days like regular traditional students and parents. We were not able to attend last year’s event since we were out of the country. But this time around, we are thrilled to be able to attend our very first homeschoolers banquet and awards night.

It was in 2010, when our homeschooler received 2 awards during his Preschool Graduation: Best in Sound Recognition and Most Number of Excellent Marks! This time around, for Level 3, Jed took home two awards: 7 Thousand Club Member and Honor A! Congratulations, son! 😀  If a student is a 7 Thousand Club Member, it means he has earned 70 100 scores during the school year, regardless of the number of levels he was able to finish. For last year, our son only finished 1. We are more than half way through Level 4. Unlike the previous years, Level 4 is already more complex. Pushing him to finish right away to make it to the cut off is not really worth it. Half-baked won’t cut it for these homeschoolers.

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Setting up our Homeschool Learning Center

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For more than two months now, we have been holding our homeschool in another setup. Because after almost 4 years of homeschooling in a cramped corner, God has provided a way for us to level up and upgrade our homeschooling nook. Although the construction is still in progress, we are very grateful for a better learning environment for our homeschooler.

Above is the ideal set up for a homeschooling learning center.

As per our Home Educator Manual, we are encouraged to select a room where the student can work with minimal distractions. Anything that helps the student’s learning environment is an educational asset. Some other considerations are:

  • Whatever place you choose, make sure that it has good lighting.
  • Provide a place in the room for small bulletin board where the student’s Goal Chart and Student Progress Chart can be displayed. Preferably fronting where the student works.
  • If you have more than one student, each should have an individual work space.
  • You need to provide a separate area where the student scores and tests. This could be a sewing machine table, a corner on the kitchen counter, a game table, etc. If available, choose an area that allows the student to stand upright. Whatever you choose, use it consistently.

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Remembering the 5 Laws of Learning

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Today our homeschooler and I reviewed the School of Tomorrow Curriculum’s 5 Laws of Learning as pointed out in the handbook given to us when we started our Level 1 Curriculum. We are currently halfway through Level 4.

School of Tomorrow Curriculum’s 5 Laws of Learning:

  1. Student must be placed at the academic level in each subject where they can perform.
  2. Reasonable goals must be set each day.
  3. Students must be controlled and motivated.
  4. Learning must be measurable.
  5. Learning must be rewarded.

As homeschoolers, we have to be reminded of these non-negotiables even as it is so easy to take these things for granted when we have the liberty of homeschooling like we do.

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Goals for the Week

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As weird as it may sound, our homeschool director is my husband. As my son’s homeschool supervisor, I facilitate our homeschooler as he does his everyday routine. But our director a.k.a. the husband also gets hands on and checks out our routine that I, at times, I tend to be lax at from time to time. This week, “the director” checked out our homeschooler’s goals and how he has been keeping at it. Because we were not given a goal sheet for this level (I forgot to ask for a pad during the time we went to pick up our Level 4 materials), we have not been writing a visual goal and just got content with our virtual goal of doing 5 pages per pace.

A visual goal is always the best way to gauge how a student is doing. I am grateful to have such intentional home educator partner for a husband. Read this article »