Washington Schools: Private vs Public

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Washington State takes education seriously. Ranked as the sixth-best state for education in the United States, there is something to be said about sending your child to school in the Evergreen State.

Washington Schools: Private vs Public

Private Schools

There are a number of terrific private schools in Washington: 792 of them, to be specific. With as large as King County is (where Seattle, Redmond and Bellevue are located, to name a few cities), it’s hardly surprising that it is home to 318 of these 792. Read this article »

Choosing Different Educational Options for Your Children

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The news is full of stories each day about the challenges that public schools across the country face. They often lack the funding needed for classes like art and music. They also are short staffed and cannot keep enough teachers on hand to teach all of the children.

As a parent, it is up to you to select what type of school to send your children to each year. By researching options like homeschooling, faith-based organizations, or private kindergarten tampa florida parents like you can decide what educational choice is best for your kids.

Checking Out the Curriculum

One of the first concerns you may have as a parent involves what type of curriculum will be used by the school. You want your kids to learn all of the basics like how to recite the alphabet and count to 100. However, you may want it to go above and beyond and expose your children to foreign languages, music, art, and other subjects.

You can find out what the curriculum will be like by reading about it on the school’s website. The website gives details about what subjects kids like yours will be taught. You can learn how it differs from the lessons offered in public school and why it could give your child the educational advantage you want for him or her.


Another factor you might want to research involves how much the school will cost you on a yearly basis. You need to know that you can afford the tuition to send your child to school every year.

The tuition rates are available online for your consideration. You can also find out if scholarships or other types of financial help are available for working families who may not be able to pay all of the tuition in full.

Private school could be a better option for your children if you want to avoid sending them to public school. You can read up on details like the curriculum and the tuition rates by visiting the website of the school today.

Global City Innovative College Applies 21st Century Learning to Senior High School

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Six or seven years in elementary + four years in high school + four years in college.

That’s the equation that most of us are familiar with. But the Philippine government has modified the formula with the recent addition of two more years in high school. Beginning school year 2016, students will not be accepted into college unless they finish grades 11 and 12. And high school diplomas will only be issued to graduates of grade 12. The mandate on Grades 11 and 12 or what is collectively referred to as Senior High School has caused confusion and elicited a lot of complaints from parents and students.

But is it really such a bad thing? “Senior high school will allow our graduates to meet the global standard requirement of twelve years of basic education. It will let Filipinos be globally competitive. Those who want to work abroad will not have to take additional state examinations or certifications and will receive commensurate compensation,” rationalized Engr. Mike Tan, Global City Innovative College (GIC) President, during a meeting with a group of parent writers. Read this article »

Quipper School Helps Raise NAT Scores

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Quipper, an education technology company headquartered in London with offices in Manila, today announced that NAT scores at Valenzuela City Science High School have improved significantly as a result of using Quipper School in 2014, when compared to scores from the previous year.

Quipper School, an online education platform which connects teachers and students, was launched in January 2014 in the Philippines and is now being used by over 5,000 teachers across the country. Mr. Roderick Francisco, a teacher from Valenzuela Science City High School, used Quipper School in early 2014 to teach over 400 of his students in preparation for NAT 2014. As a result, Mr. Francisco has noted significant improvements, with an overall score improvements of 13%, and an outstanding result in English, where the scores rose by 25%.

Quipper NAT

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Hands-on Learning May Provide Real Life Experience

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While many people use the term, “real life experience” when describing jobs or resumes, hands-on learning may be similar. Although your students may be too young to hold down jobs, the process of learning while using real tools can be just as effective for building experience as a prolonged work history. By using the tools and equipment of the trade, students may connect to the material in a way that surpasses reading text.

Science kits can provide a method in which students may see for themselves the outcome and process of real-world applications. For instance: Many renewable energy kits are working units that can be used to power small, low-powered and child-safe devices. As the children learn as they build, the direct impact of the end result may inspire as well as excite the student while focusing his or her attention on the activity. Although reading textbooks and websites can still provide a great deal of knowledge, there is something to be said about direct interaction with the content and material as a method to enhance the learning experience.

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Gabay Guro Invites Teachers to the Biggest Grand Tribute to Educators

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As a way of giving back to the teachers, PLDT-Smart Foundation’s Gabay Guro program is holding the biggest event that pays tribute to teachers. The Grand Gathering brings the teachers together for an event featuring some of the biggest celebrities like Edu Manzano, Derek Ramsay, Martin Nievera, Pops Fernandez, Judy Ann Santos, Anne Curtis, Marian Rivera, Ryzza Mae, Rocco Nacino, plus a special tribute by Regine Velasquez.

Two lucky teachers will also win a house and lot, a brand new van, cash, and livelihood packages. This is made possible with the help of these Grand Gathering partners: PLDT Home, myDSL, Cyberya, Cignal, Sun Cellular, Smart, Megaclinic, Asian Hospital, Ayala Land, Inc., myPhone, Coca-Cola, Merck Sharp and Dohme, Johnson & Johnson, and American Home.

gabay guro

(L-Right)  Jojo Alonzo, Rissa Golloso, Gil Garcia, Stateland Inc. First vice President Mr. Grant Orbeta, Gabay Guro Chairman Ms. Chaye Cabal-Revilla, Foton Vice President for Passenger vehicle Sales Mr. Jesus S. Tadena, Gabay Guro Marketing Head Gary Dujali and PLDT Executive volunteers Francis Bautista and Bong Padiz.

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Simple Rules to Remember in using “-ie-” and “-ei-“

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“Teacher Mama, it can really be confusing sometimes. How do I spell “receive” again, with ie or ei?” Now I can make myself available to my son every chance he needs an answer but here are simple rules I taught him today that will make it easier for him to remember.

I before E, except after C
or when sounding like AY
as in neighbor and weigh

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Wireless Network Implementation Specialist HP Certification Exams

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HP currently offers two certification exams for IT professionals seeking to validate their wireless network implementation abilities:

  • HP0-Y43 – Implementing HP Network Infrastructure Solutions
  • HP0-Y44 – Implementing and Troubleshooting HP Wireless Networks

Completing either of these exams documents you possess a key skill set required of wireless network implementation specialists. Successfully completing both exams actually earns you a formal HP certification as an Accredited Solutions Expert as a Wireless Networks Implementer.

The HP0-Y43 exam requires you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in working with mid-level switching and routing, as well as OSPF. Multicast routing and forwarding are also among the core knowledge requirements for passing the HP0-Y43 exam, as is the ability to complete wireless networking implementation projects that include E and A series HP products, including appropriate security technologies.

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West LegalEdCenter

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They always say that lawyers will always have to continue their education long after they graduate. It is good that online resources are now vast that programs are now accessible to people who would choose to continue legal education. But like in every other thing that we do that pertains to education, we should always choose what is best and offer good quality. Like West LegalEdCenter for one. The library that they provide are always up to date and of the most current programs.

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Philippine Homeschool Conference 2012

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Homeschooling is definitely NOT a walk in the park. If you are at all considering this alternative education for your family, it is best to take advantage of the upcoming Philippine Homeschool Conference 2012 by attending.  Through this  you will better understand what you are getting yourself into as opposed to blindly jumping in just because it feels like it’s a good option. An educated decision will always be best, especially when it comes to our children’s future.

I know this for a fact because my husband and I attended the Philippine Homeschool Conference in 2008 and it more than just opened our eyes. It allowed us to embrace and understand the concept of homeschooling. Although it did take a while for us to formally get into fully experiencing its benefits, the elation of being there as you see your son progress academically is priceless.

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