Christian Homeschooler is an attempt to journal bits and pieces of our family’s homeschooling journey.  I am a licensed teacher by profession but deviated to staying at home to be able to homeschool our 4 year old son (began in June 2009)  and work from home at the same time.  Our family is sold out to the School of Tomorrow’s learning system and my son’s current program is Preschool with Ace and Christi.

As much as we love homeschooling, we do believe it is not for everyone.   There are a lot of factors to consider more than just the adequacy of the parent or guardian who will stand as supervisor. There are just family set ups that homeschooling will  not be the best option for.  More about this in posts on the homeschooling  thoughts category.  

Our vision is that this blog will be an encouragement for parents who are, in every essence, the child’s primary educator/s.