Choosing the right backpack for my son

As a homeschooling student, one of the things my son gets to enjoy is not having to burden his young body with bag filled with enormous books, like most regular students do. With the variety of backpacks in the market, I know I still need to get him one that should best fit him to take care of his posture.

Few of the basics that I check when it comes to choosing the right backpack high sierra for my son are the shoulder and abdominal straps. Caring for a child’s posture means we have to consider the proper distribution of the load unto his shoulders and the better part of his back.

As homeschoolers, if we should at all bring his paces with him, they are only but a few thin workbooks. The basics that my son brings with him in his bag are his books, snacks and his water tumbler. And I cannot have him just use any kind of backpack that risks his overall back heath, which is imperative for good posture in the long haul. I personally have a bad back brought about by carrying improper bags from when I was little. Hopefully, choosing the right backpack for my son will veer him away from my same predicament. 🙂

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