While we’re on homeschool vacation

 - by admin

As a homeschooling mom on vacation, I can only try to maximize this last few weeks until we settle right back to our usually homeschooling schedule. For now I have been busy with work, work and work. While the little guy plays most of the time. The surprising thing about here is, through the plays that I allow him to do via Word World and Super Why, both are educational games accredited by America’s education system, reinforce the things that he learned last school year.

My husband and I now can barely do spell-talking. Parents only know what this means. This is what we do, Spell talk, that is, when there is something that we do not want our child to understand. Now it is our son who spell talks. Instead of simply saying the word, he’d go spelling them out and fun with words. It’s amusing, to say the least. He now knows how the silent “e” works in some of the words.

As for me, I am still lacking sleep most of the time. Truth be told, if I keep at this, I might just need the best best eye cream for wrinkles because bags under my eyes are getting bigger by the day. There are just so many things to do. I’m hoping to be able again to strike a balance to still be healthy despite my crazy schedule.

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