Teaching our homeschooler about Tithing

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“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

I cannot anymore remember when we first taught our son about tithing. I just realized that we have kind of instilled about giving to God what is His whenever he envisions how he plans to be in the future. Including having a job and giving to God, especially through the church. Since it has been our resolve to teach our child about God’s word early on, we have along the way included this in one of our many informal regular everyday conversations.

Then there’s the temptation to pamper our homeschooler with everything he pleases. Aside from having very limited resources, we have to teach him the value of money. God always gets the ten percent first or more if we are able, before we get to enjoy the rest. We do reward him for jobs well done. But he definitely cannot have everything he wants on a whim. He cannot just have a book or toy scrubs sale, just because. It is part of  his training, as well.

CBN Asia has this to say about Tithing and we believe the same even as this is very well backed up by our life’s manual – The Bible:

We tithe not only because God has ordained it. We tithe because we want to obey Him and because we love Him. Giving tithes and money offerings is a form of worshipping God and our expression of devotion to Him. We acknowledge His power and His character as Jehovah Jireh, God the Provider.

Whenever we obey in giving, we are allowing ourselves to experience the extraordinary blessings from the Lord. Only in tithing that the Lord challenges His people to test His overflowing goodness (Malachi 3:10b). It is also an opportunity for God to bless us more so we could be a channel of blessing to people around us. When you receive your paycheck, immediately set aside 10 percent for our Lord, and see how He will guide you in stretching your remaining 90 percent and how faithful He will provide for your other needs. Trust Him!

God does not need our treasures, because all are His, but what the Lord needs is our hearts. He is looking at the heart of the giver.

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