Teacher Mama’s Lady Rouge: A blessing

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My husband and I have been praying for years for a better running car. The Lord has been graciously providing us with extra income from online campaigns and jobs until we were able to have the old 1989 Nissan California hatchback that we have been using for years, repaired two years ago. We did have to face the fact that it is long due for retirement when the repairs that it would constantly need would end up using up our savings.

We have been praying and when the year 2010 came the Lord provided for us through the virtual assistant job that was entrusted to me. A couple of online campaigns did quite well too and that allowed for us to finally purchase this brand new baby that we named Lady Rouge. I love that we would not have to trouble ourselves with repairs, even auto insurance quotes. Because it came with a 3 year warranty. The old car that we were using was submerged during typhoon Ondoy, which made it break down more and more despite the several restoration repairs it went through.

Lady Rouge is another tangible proof of God’s faithfulness. When my husband answered the call to ministry, it did not come with a clause that our life in the ministry will be smooth sailing. In fact, there were so much trials we had to face that got us to just look up to God alone for deliverance. For several years, we have prayed for people who have continually broke our hearts.  I remember my husband and I crying out to God during those times in our daily prayers.  The Lord has answered our prayers. But it was not instant. Everything happened in His own perfect time.  Through those trials, the Lord has taught us how to not look at people and the disappointments they cause. Seeing things through God’s eyes allows for us to focus more on the ministry, loving the people that He has sent us to minister to and make a family out of the church that He has entrusted us with (which is what a church is supposed to be with, to begin with). I supported my husband through and through even as he stood his ground to keep at what he’s doing for the Lord’s glory.

Even as we give our lives to God’s disposal, He has led us to avenues that we would never have thought He will use for us to come to the place where we are right now. All the material things we are entrusted with are affirmations of the fact that there is just no way we will ever be able to outgive our Father. But the truth remains that all of these tangible things are all but finite. We are keeping on doing what the Lord has called us to do. Because making God known is the only thing that will matter at the end of the day. Nothing is better than having a personal relationship with our Creator and this is the message of our lives. 🙂

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