Summer vacation activities

The little guy joined the hubby in me last Saturday for Wyeth’s I-Shine Talent Camp. Wherein we went through different booths that introduces the handful of activities that children can enroll in during this summer vacation. We were particularly interested in a music school. My son and I visited the Yamaha booth and was told that our son is too young for drum lessons. So we went forward and moved on to another booth, which was of Center for Pop and guess what? My little guy received a coupon wherein he could try a 2 hour session for free!

Although we are not exactly having our son indulge into staring on our tv behind the tv mounts on our living area, we really would love that he will nurture his talent. He is very musically inclined. This was again affirmed by one of the awards that he received during his graduation – Best in Sound Recognition. I hope he enjoys the lessons that he will take.  The hubby is inclined to enroll him via Trumpets instead or the more classical type of music. But the 2 hour free session will not hurt, right? And if the little guy enjoys it, then we will decide from there. 🙂

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