Pulling away to independence

 - by admin

My son has started pulling away to independence as early as he first learned how to walk. I recall the times that he would shake his hand off mine just so he could go walk by himself. Now that he’s 4, he’s gotten into another level of independence. While I love seeing him grow and learn those things basic to survival, I cannot help but miss how I used to carry him in my arms.

It is so true that these children are loaned to us and time will fly soon as it always does and they’re out on their own before we know it. More than his development in stature and his being able to reach the doorbell button with less effort, I am even more thrilled to witness how he is actually growing up to be a responsible person.  He is now able to help around the house and actually insist on it. The task of sorting dirty clothes and fetching drinking water to be placed in the fridge- those are his.  He is now able to sit through  the worship time at church too. I am proud of my son for a whole lot of things and I pray that we will continue to press on to encourage him to be the person God has purposed for him to be. 🙂

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