Our Stay at Thien Xuan Hotel in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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From all the three hotels we stayed in during our recent trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, it was Thien Xuan Hotel that we all loved the most. For $42 per night, we get more than our money’s worth. For a standard room, the size was spacious enough with all the basic amenities and great customer service.

Buffet Breakfast was always filling at Thien Xuan Hotel

While I can only wish I can say the same for the other hotel we stayed in from our trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, which is Ha Hien Hotel. Even Cabanas offer better service. Although they have what could be considered high quality furnishings and being a new hotel. The room was just way too tiny for a Superior Double.  It also took forever for water to warm up. Water was rusty the night after we arrived too. And here’s the kicker, bottled waters are only given upon arrival. It’s not on a per day basis. So regardless of how long you stay in the hotel, you only get 2 bottled waters on the first night. What’s the logic in that when you pay for the say amount for the second night as much as we did the first night. Oh well!

Because we wanted to try a different hotel, we stayed at Ha Hien instead. To think that their published rate of the room we booked was $50. Pricier than Thien Xuan. If you are staying in Ho Chi Minh, save yourself the trouble and go book with Thien Xuan instead. They took care of everything we needed. Changed our dollars to Vietnam Dong at the same rate you can find outside the hotel. They booked our trip to Cambodia and was very helpful throughout. Their staff are very accommodating as well. Unlike most staff at Ha Hien. Will soon post a review of all the hotels via MarriageAndBeyond.com.

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