Our preschooler’s huge appetite

 - by admin

When my husband and I decided that we will no longer continue giving our son synthetic vitamin supplements since he was around six months old, my son since has not tasted the regular multivitamins that are usually given to babies.

We decided to put him on natural diet. Organic brown rice, fruits, vegetables, meat. Now at 5 years old, he has the appetite of a grown up. He is not obese but he is bigger and taller for his age. Whenever we buy clothes for him, the only ones that will fit him are the ones from eight year old and up. He has never been sickly. For which we continually thank God for.

It is his huge appetite, though, that I am kind of a little concerned about. For most days, he would eat twice for lunch and dinner. Giving him appétit control must be out of the question because of his age.  Thankfully, I am not alone in this sentiments. Apparently, growing kids really have unbelievable appetites. Oh well, as long as he is healthy and free from illness, I really ought to be grateful. 🙂

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