Our preschooler joins his folks at events

 - by admin

Our son has been tagging along in the recent events that we go to. One of which is that Chat even with Nat Geo Philippine Director in the Philippines, Jude Turcuato. We also met and chatted with Ilac Diaz himself. It was about the campaign for the run for a cause and the beneficiary will be Design Against the Elements. You can read more about it via MarriageandBeyond.com.

Meanwhile here is our son enjoying the Crepe from Cafe Breton. This crepe is loaded with Nutella. My favorite chocolate spread ever. My son has a real huge appetite, which makes him look bigger than 4 years old. He’s not obese per se. But I guess judging from fellow mommies who have sons around his age, it is safe to say that our son’s appetite is okay. No need for best weight loss diet pills here. He’s too young for it anyway. People always ask what vitamins we give him and we’re not into that really. We’d rather have him get the nutrients and vitamins from food. Nothing artificial please and of course we all drink our daily kefir shake. ๐Ÿ™‚

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