On hiatus for the holidays

 - by admin

Yes, we have been on blogging hiatus for the holidays. The days are crazy busy but fun! From the moment we stepped back to Manila from Hongkong on the second week of this month, our schedules are practically packed to the last hour.

It was yet another fun Christmas Eve celebration at my folks’ place together with my sister’s in-laws. It has kind of become an unplanned tradition. Our son, being the youngest of the bunch received the most gifts from his family and Ninongs and Ninangs.Aside from his usual “hotwheels” gift request, we thought we’d surprise him with his very first console, A DSi XL. It was his reward for finishing Levels 1 and 2 in 2011. We thought of giving him more than the usual chocolate birthday gifts for him because he’s been extra good this year. We chose the Nintendo DSi XL instead of a PSP or any other console because of the many educational games that he can play in it. To date, his favorite is Mario Kart and Need for Speed Shift. But he switches from that to the Spelling and the Brain Age game. We just thought he was ready for it and with how he manages to stop playing when he needs to affirms just that. ๐Ÿ™‚

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