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The lovely thing about homeschooling is that we are able to have week days off at our whim. Not that we abuse it. We really just love the liberty that goes with this kind of system. Like the Trumpets Playshop Workshop that we got to attend last Wednesday. It was an event sponsored by Promil.

Enrolling our homeschooler to Trumpets has been a part of our plan. It was my husband’s idea. As opposed to having our son train in a Pop Music school, he really would rather that he is exposed to learning the “proper” way to sing. Our son really enjoyed the workshop. I will blog more about it later. I still have to download the photos and videos from the cameras we used.

We had a mother and son date after the workshop. We headed to Rockwell Powerplant and spent quite a bit in Fully Booked book store. Jed browsed through several books. Most of them “novelization” pieces of movies like Puss in Boots, Toy Story 2, et. al. He also read a couple of chapters of The Little Prince. There are a host of other books he checked out. He even had a look see at books and magazines about cars and rv loans. I had to lead him back to the kids books section until we ended up in Manga section.

He first chose to buy The Little Prince but decided on Manga Mutiny instead. Since he already finished The Manga Messiah, he really wanted to buy the rest of the installment of the series. The others are: Manga Metamorphosis, Manga Melech and Manga Messengers. I only allowed him to buy one book this time. We can go right back anytime when he’s done with the book that he bought.

There’s good news to Manga Messiah followers too. The installment books of the series are now selling for a fraction of the cost of Manga Messiah used to sell for. The Manga Messiah used to sell for more than P800. We only got the Manga Mutiny for P215! The Manga series are now locally published! These homeschoolers sure love it!

“Manga Messiah” presents the gospel stories with Jesus referred to as Yeshuah, and Joseph and Mary are Yosef and Miryam. “Manga Metamorphosis” illustrates the book of Acts. “Manga Mutiny” goes back to the Old Testament and retells the stories of Genesis. “Manga Melech” continues the Old Testament stories from the Exodus to the stories of David. “Manga Messengers,” is about the tales of the kings and prophets of Judah and Israel.

It has been a while since we last went out on a date, just the two of us. I saw that my son immensely enjoyed it. He went on and on telling me what’s gonna happen when we were on the movie house watching Real Steel. He’s already seen it but wanted to watch it again. He was also the one who insisted we ate at Jollibee after.  It is a quality time with my son without me playing supervisor as I usually do during homeschool time. 🙂

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