Missions trip to Africa

 - by admin

I am currently conditioning my son’s mindset for the upcoming missions trip my husband is leaving for in exactly one week from now. My boys are each other’s best friend. There is never a day that they don’t spend time playing and do random things together. (save for the few times that my husband has to take care of ministry stuff that require him to spend time out of town or come home rather late)

The husband right now has been extra busy. With pre-enrollment seminars he has to conduct in one of the schools in Makati, for parents and students. He has also very been busy with the visa requirements for their team’s trip to Africa. He barely gets 4 hours of sleep each night these past few weeks. I won’t be surprised if he would need some hair loss for men stuff, if he keeps at this kind of schedule.

Meanwhile, we’ve been telling our son that he won’t get to see his papa for 14 days. The longest we will ever be apart from him. I am going to adjust big time myself. But we will just get on and jumpstart with school and pray for the missions trip to be fruitful. 🙂

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