It was dawn of Thursday last week, when we were in Clark, Pampanga to witness the 17th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, when our little guy, all of a sudden threw up in the parking lot. He was never the type who gets queasy in the tummy whenever we travel. Unlike me. Plus, we actually checked in a nearby hotel the night before to spare ourselves from having to do a long drive from Manila in the wee hours of the morning.

He was first ruled out for dyspepsia. The doc thought it was just due to indigestion. But after having had more than a few loose BMs, aside from throwing up 10 times on Thursday,  he was told to probably have some intestinal bug. It’s been going around lately. A lot of kids, in fact, are confined because of it. We were in the hospital for more than 4 days.

And because there was not a television set in the room we were assigned in (all rooms were occupied), our homeschooler read for the most part, as soon as he was able to get the rehydration he needed via the dextrose. Thank God we are back home! No suv bike racks getting loaded for now. Our homeschooler was advised to rest some more. But we officially went back to our homeschooling routine starting yesterday. 🙂

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