Homeschoolers, beware of

 - by admin

As a homeschooling family, I admit to the benefits of the internet when it comes to finding good resources about homeschooling. But there are quite a number of sites that we should all be made aware of. Like, for instance. It is a chat site that encourages people of all ages (no restricition, there is even no need to register) to talk to strangers. The exact thing that we have been taught when we were little not to do and the very thing that we right now, as parents prohibit our children to do.

I first encountered this site via a fellow parent and I just had to drop the fat burner review I was working on to check it out for myself. Even as I knew that I was totally in control, the fact that I had no idea whoever it was on the other end of the chatting room gave me the creeps.

Fellow homeschoolers and parents, get this blocked from your computer’s web browsers and more importantly discuss with the children why talking to strangers can cause trouble. Teaching them the right values is the top priority but filtering these bugs from our systems is also another thing that we have to do to protect them.

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