Happy 5th birthday, Jed!

My FB status update for the day: Happy 5th birthday, Jed! 5 years ago today I gave birth via lamaze/bradley method to a tiny 3kg., 48 cm. boy after more than 24hrs of labor! Look how big you are now! You’ve been such a blessing all these years to not just me and your papa, but to our love ones and friends as well. We’re proud of you! I love you my son! 🙂

It all seems just like yesterday. Time flies so fast. He started growing almost immediately and by the time he was two months old, he was already bigger and taller for his age. It stays that way to this day. I got used to people asking me what vitamins we give him. But the truth is, we don’t give him any. His birthday celebration started yesterday and continued on until today. Ninong Ted and Tita Rose gave him a pair of lovebirds for pet and got a handful of other gifts from us and the grannies. More than the gifts, we want Jed to know that we pray for God’s best for you! We have made us proud. We love you so much son! 😀

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